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          • Discount Garbage Bin Rental Hamilton – Grimsby – St. Catharines

          Wele to Discount Bin Services!

          We provide petitive pricing on bin rentals without promising our service to residential and mercial clients as well as general contractors.

          Discount Bin Services is an award winning dumpster / bin rental pany covering cities such as Hamilton, Grimsby, St. Catharines, West Lincoln, etc…

          Garbage Bin Rentals Hamilton – Grimsby – St. Catharines

          Have a Question?/ Bin Request

          Please Call Us: Local 905-546-6776 |?Toll Free?1-855-999-5641, or fill out the form below.

          Name *
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          No request is confirmed until we call to confirm and take payment information

          Garbage Bin Rentals Hamilton – Grimsby – St. Catharines

          What you can expect from Discount Bin Services

          We are a fully licensed Canadian pany that rents garbage bins for residential yard and household waste removal.? mercial business owners rely on us for the safe and effective removal of their waste with the help of our dumpster services. We also cater to general contractors who operate in the fields of renovations, construction, roofing, painting, horticulture, and more! Contact us today for superior dumpster / bin rental services in Hamilton, Grimsby,? Stoney Creek, Mount Hope, Beamsville, St. Catharines and the surrounding cities!

          Garbage Bin Rentals Hamilton – Grimsby – St. Catharines

          Dumpster / Bin Rental Pricing

          ?Visit our Bin Rental Pricing page for plete pricing for 7, 14-yard and 20-yard bins and all the cities we serve